I recently bought a vintage steel Davidson bike on eBay for my vacation home in the desert. I have a similar bike at home in Seattle and felt I would stick with what I liked. The bike arrived in Palm Desert and I was disappointed. It hadn’t been well cared for and needed a lot of rehabilitation. All the bike shops were booked up for weeks but someone gave me Joel’s name and he could get me in and out in days. He was enthusiastic and clearly cared about doing his job well. He was upset by the bike’s condition and wanted to make it right. He got rid of all the rust, trued the wheels ,adjusted the brakes and derailleur an put in a stem extender that I had given him to install since I have a stiff post op back. I was pleased with the results but after two weeks I realized the cassette was geared to hard for me. He had already replaced the brake cables and bar tape and now he installed a cassette geared to my specifications along with a proper derailleur and chain to fit. The smoothness and quiet of my shifting is impressive. He was able to keep the quality of parts up and the price down. He even got me a seat virtually unused for 1/3 retail price.
Joel radiates enthusiasm and shared his knowledge of local rides and riding groups with me along with invitations to join him and his groups. I would have except they start before I wake up and at 7 am it’s really chilly and I’m here for warmth. I highly recommend Joel and The Bike Shop for all bike repairs. He did my extender without batting an eye. Two people I had asked to do the install were afraid to even try it. Joel is fast and reliable, and knows bikes really well. Thanks. Ed Freedman